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jon walker, yes, please keep looking at ryan like that.
also, this happens to be ryan's FAVORITE vacation moment. yes.

[original picture source]

ETA: I give in, I'm gonna write this damn thing. It'll probably suck. I give you fair warning.
Title: Take the Days as they Come
Author: [ profile] calidearie
Rating: ? Not sure yet.
Pairing: JON/RYAN!! (because they're just so obvious)
POV: jon (and maybe ryan too)
Summary: Ryan is pulled tight. Jon's solution: a vacation for two.
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody, nor do I own The Young Veins
Beta: None
Author Notes: 1) Just something that popped in my head two minutes ago. 2) Title is a line from TYV's "Take a Vacation"

[this is just the prologue to a fic coming soon...]

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okay, i know i said that i won't start anything new until i finish my WIPs, however, the following pic calls for an exception. i mean, just look at it--OMG! for srs.


also, the fic is short. so, i'm not cheating myself in, like, a huge way or anything. right, i can't even kid myself. *rolls eyes* whatever.

Title: Because You Want To
Author: DearOne
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jon/Ryan?
Summary: Taking pictures are all fun and games until the Polaroid film runs out. This summary doesn't really sum up the fic. But it's the first sentence that came to mind.
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody. Or anything that has to do with The Young Veins.
Beta: None (sorry)
Author Notes: 1) I am soooooo excited for The Young Veins! 2) This fic is seriously short. Ridiculously short, actually. 3) This doesn't make sense. 4) Inspired by the above pic and (loosely) by Panic! at the Disco's "She's a Handsome Woman" 5) And it ends abruptly.

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***ETA: I deleted my last Ryden PicSpam by accident, which sucks majorly. Too bad there isn't an undelete button, but thank goodness there is a back button where i could copy paste. In any case, I lost my comments! eh. Well, jsyk I changed and added more pics and thought I'd post it here instead of my other journal***

Okay, everyone, I'm bored as hell and I'm suffering from writer's block. Heeheehe remember my entry about finishing my WIPs? Well, I already failed. I wrote a chapter for two stories and I DELETED both!! Yep, yes I did. Sorry to those waiting on me completing the fics, but seriously, my muse is killing me. Don't worry though, I'm not quitting!

So, rather than not doing anything while I'm giving my muse a rest (after all, I don't wanna be strangled), I thought I might put together a pic/video spam of my favorite pairing! Ryan and Brendon, AKA Ryden or Rydon (but Ryden sounds better, and the 'e' is justified because even Brendon calls himself Bden, so there!).

Anyway, before I start, I just wanna say why my ship ships:
♥ they just happen to fit together perfectly--not in that way, mind out of the gutter, do0dz (okay, fine! that too).
♥ they are adorable together
♥ they are hot together
♥ they make sense together in every single way
and that's just taking their friendship into consideration. whatever else people can gather from the following is just speculation (i.e. a more than platonic relationship), but why not speculate when they give us reason to? More on that later, let's get to the pictures, shall we? yyyyyy!

Warning: For those who haven't figured it out yet, Ryan and Brendon are both male. Slash/y images will be shown here... nothing naughty though, I think. Very PG-13 :)

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Title: Ryan F&cked Me (or chapter six of my love story)
Author: [ profile] calidearie
Rating: R
Pairing: Ryden?
POV: Brendon's
Summary: Brendon loves Ryan, maybe a bit too much, maybe so much so that it could mean the end to their “Ryden Love Story.”
Disclaimer: I don't own them, they own themselves. Dido owns the cut-text, and it has nothing to do with the story of this fic.
Author Notes: (1) UNBETA'D by [ profile] longerthanwedo
(2) Sorry for the long delay in terms of updates, I’m gonna try to finish this up by the end of my lil’ break. (3) Once again, I used the words “vanilla” and “slide” prompted by [Bad username or site: @] for this chapter. Thank you!!

Teh Love Story
Ryan Named Me (or chapter one of my love story)
Ryan Kissed Me (or chapter two of my love story)
Ryan Found Me (or chapter three of my love story)
Ryan Saved Me (or chapter four of my love story)
Ryan Virginated Me (or chapter five of my love story)
Ryan F&cked Me (or chapter six of my love story)
Ryan Loves Me (or the last chapter, but not the end to my love)


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ETA: Best tweets of the day:
love this guy


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