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I have proof:

Yes, I'm talking about my fic Take the Days as they Come.

Please note:
♥ they are writing a song (they sing a song in my fic!)
♥ it's about birds (so what if my song is about one bird, totally not the point.)
♥ they are in the front seat together
♥ given the pic, they are travelling at night. okay, so, it's not really night, night, but it will be ;)

lol okay, so i'm excited over nothing. and this only reveals how obsessed i am, but hey, thought i might share what made me squee today.

okay, bye.
but seriously, i think it's coming true!. RyWalk, I know you EXIST!
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First off, when I started this thing I didn't realize what journal I was using. Fail. Well, anyway... Now that it has started...

Right, I don't think anyone is aware that it started since a) this is locked and b) it was posted in a post that had been ETA'd (does that make sense? No. Okay. Just checking).

So, what I'm saying is read T H I S first.

Read what follows second (but only if you want to).

Title: Take the Days as they Come
Author: [ profile] calidearie
Rating: UNRATED (just because i don't know what to rate it.)
Pairing: JON/RYAN!! (i don't need a reason for this)
POV: ryan (i haven't been in his head in a while.)
Summary: Ryan is pulled tight. Jon's solution: a vacation for two.
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody, nor do I own The Young Veins
Beta: None
Author Notes: 1) i think i already said too much. onwards!

i'm not sure if my cell is charged. too lazy to check. sad thing is, my cell is also my alarm clock. i'll need it to wake me up at six so i can get ready for work. and i still don't care enough. )


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