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I now have a BA in Liberal Studies. I have no idea what to do with it since my goal was to be a nurse, but whatever...

I have time to write now, so I give you the second installment of that's what she said. I originally thought this would be a one off, which eventually became a two parter, and now, I'm not sure how many parts it will lead to. Anyway, here goes it:

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Title: that's what she said, but not really
Author: DearOne
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ryan/female (who will remain unnamed), ryden (but not yet), joncer (if you squint)
POV: Third, brendon-centric
Summary: [part 1] Ryan shops for toothbrushes. Ryan's girlfriend smiles a lot. Brendon is Brendon. Spencer is clumsy. And Jon doesn't get it. [part 2] Brendon gets first shower. Ryan shakes things up. Spencer and Jon do their own thing.
[But who cares? That is not what this story is about.]
Disclaimer: This will be true at exactly nine in the afternoon (to be read as: never happened and never will).
Author Notes: My first Panic fic. Yay! ConCrit welcome. Be nice because being mean is the opposite of goodness. Comments will get you cyber cupcakes. Unbetad. Enjoy!

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I've got major cramming to do. I can't wait till finals are over.


How I long for LD classes. I was so taking them for granted, Now, with all the UD, I'm going crazy. Hah! More crazy actually. ;)

And do you know what i did last night? I actually wished that I was taking more medical classes instead of my liberal arts classes. *lol* Weird that.

Oh well, on with the Spuffyness. :)


Normal? Never
by DearOne

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