May. 31st, 2011

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Title: Accidental Shirt Stealer
Author: [ profile] calidearie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexual situations, Christopher pining, voyeur!chris, Zachary/OMC, poor attempt at humor, fluff, fluff, fluff
POV: Chris
Summary: Chris didn't mean to fall in love. But now that he is in love, what's a romantic to do?
Disclaimer: Not real. No profit has been gained from this. I only own the OC characters, anyone who is not Zach or Chris.
Beta: [ profile] leandralocke (Special note to Sandra: Thank you for your time, advice, and super awesome editing skills. I'm in awe of your ability to narrow in on the details. Your input made all the difference!)
Author Notes: Sequel to Deserving. Thank you for all the kind reviews and support to continue. All the lovely comments fed the muse and now there is more!
ETA: Sorry it had taken me so long to get this posted. I had it written weeks ago. However, due to real life issues (finals, jury duty, etc.) there had been an obvious delay. With that said, I also have GOOD news! The lovely [ profile] leandralocke agreed to beta the fic. So, if you are new to the story or wish to reread it, you'll find that it has been newly edited!

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