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Title: Accidental Shirt Stealer
Author: [ profile] calidearie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual situations. Christopher pining. Zachary/OMC. Poor attempt at humor. Angst. OOC. Fluff. Fluff. Fluff
POV: Chris
Summary: Chris didn't mean to fall in love. But now that he is in love, what's a romantic to do?
Disclaimer: Not real. No profit has been gained from this. I only own the OC characters, anyone who is not Zach or Chris.
Beta: Sorry.
Author Notes: Sequel to Deserving. Thank you for all the kind reviews and support to continue. All the lovely comments fed the muse and now there is more!

Part 5

It was a Tuesday, and Chris and Zach had plans to go take a walk and have dinner together. It had been set beforehand making it an official date with Zach, his boyfriend, and Chris couldn’t have been happier.

It has been two weeks since Chris had told Zach his feelings, and although not everything went according to plan, things went well. Things went better than just well, actually. They talked. They kissed. They went on dates, which weren’t all that different from when they would go out together in the past before they were boyfriends, only now there’s more secret smiles and knowing looks passed between them. They were boyfriends, Chris could hardly believe it. And Zach had even made it a habit when they were alone together to call him as such, his boyfriend, on occasion. Chris rather liked the nickname, even more so, he liked the feeling of belonging to Zach.

And that first night when they were together had been Chris’ Best Night Ever. Zach, giving man than he is, spent the whole night loving him. He didn’t think he had such a mindblowing orgasmic night even in his teens. If he did, he didn’t remember it, and he had the feeling that that night he shared with Zach was forever burned in his memory.

Two weeks later, they had shared every night that their schedules would allow for. A total of nine nights together, each one just as memorable as the last. And as memorable, pleasurable and incredible as those nights were, there were two things that irked Chris. One, Zach had yet allowed him to be the direct cause of any of his orgasms. And two, they had yet to have penetrative sex. Even when Chris had insisted it was something he wanted, Zach always had a way of diverting his plans and pleasing him in other ways, leaving him thoroughly exhausted and too pleasure-fucked to care to ask for anything else.

It was only in the mornings, when he was coherent again, did he realize what had happened. Chris would bring it up and Zach would get a sheepish look in his eye. Zach would tell him things like how he just had to blow him or eat him out or say any number of things he just had to do. So caught up as he was in the moment to bring him to completion, and Chris had no qualms about that, and that was that.

Now, on this Tuesday morning, Chris decided things needed changing again. He couldn’t be in a one sided relationship. There was only so much he could take.

“Chris? Hey, wanna hear something funny?” Zach grinned as soon as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

Chris couldn’t help but return the grin and followed Zach into the kitchen. So overwhelemed with his thoughts he didn’t hear the question. He was trying to think of the best way to approach the delicate subject of bedroom matters to his too giving boyfriend.

“I got take-out so we can eat in.” Zach waggled his brow as he set the chinese food on the counter.

“I want to be responsible for your ‘O’ face,” Chris blurted out.

“Okaaaay,” Zach said. He raised his eyebrows and then knitted them together in confusion. “Okay, you have been responsible for all my ‘O’ faces.” Zack paused to make air quotations. “For the past two weeks whenever we’re together, you know.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Who was I with then, if not you?” Zach sat down and looked him over with curious eyes. “What are you thinking in that head of yours, Pine?”

Chris came to stand in front of Zach. He leaned back onto the kitchen counter and crossed his arms. “I’m saying in the two weeks we’ve been together, you’ve only ever allowed me to touch your cock twice, both of which with your clothes still on. You haven’t let me make you come, and I’m... I’m tired of not being able to do it.”

Zach crossed his own arms and looked at Chris as if he grew a second head. Then he broke into a fit of silent laughter. “What even? Are we really going to talk about this?” Zach stood up and made a move to gather some plates.

Chris watched him silently make the table before he spoke again. “Yes, Zach, we’re gonna talk about this.” Chris sat at the table and directed for Zach to do the same. “I’m not... not satisfied--”

“Chris, shouldn’t you know that people should never allow their lovers to be completely satisfied?” Zach lowered his gaze, looking at him from below his lashes, grinning and looking positively delicious. “As your lover, I think it should be my prerogative to keep you wanting.”

Chris felt his cheeks burn. And he almost gave in. Almost. “Zach, I’m not joking. I’m not satisfied and not in a good way.”

“Oh, oh.” Zach broke eye contact and ran his fingers through his hair. “I understand.” But Chris had never seen him look so lost. “You’re breaking up with me.”

“What? No, I don’t want to break up with you! I--talk about getting lost in translation, fuck.” Chris wrapped his hands around Zach’s, who had them clasped together in front of him on the table.

“What exactly are you saying then?” Zach said in that much too controlled voice of his. “I don’t please you enough in bed.”

Chris winced and rushed to try and appease the situation. “No, actually, what I’m saying is quite the opposite, really. You please me too much, Zach. In bed it’s always about me. You give and give and give. I just want to be able to return the favor, you know? I want to give. I want to make you come.”

Zach sighed and nodded. “I do come.”

“But it’s by your own hand. Don’t you see? I’m jealous of your own hand. I want to be able to touch you, too.”

Zach dropped his head into his hands and rubbed his temples before he met Chris’ eyes again. “I don’t know.”

Chris stood up and walked slowly to Zach. He touched his cheek. Chris wondered if perhaps Zach was worried because he thought that this was only an experiment for him, that maybe he would be disgusted at the prospect of touching another man. “I just want to be able to please you, too,” Chris whispered. “I want to feel you, touch you.” Chris straddled Zach’s lap and brought their foreheads together. “I want to know every inch of you, Zach. This isn’t some game for me. I’m already in love with you. Will you let me love all of you, Zach?” He kissed Zack on his cheek and then trailed small kisses along his jaw, loving the prickly feeling of Zach’s stubble against his own freshly shaven face. “Please, let me love you.” Chris circled his hips, bringing their crotches together. Chris hummed in pleasure at feeling the evidence of Zach’s arousal against his.

“Damn-it, Christopher.” Zach gripped Chris’ hips and halted his slow grinding thrusts. “The things you make me want to do to you. I... I feel like if I let you get too close, I won’t be able to let you go.”

“Perfect because I don’t want you to let me go. Don’t ever let me go. Not ever, Zach.” Chris thought he heard Zach choke back a sob, whatever it was, it spurned him on to keep talking. “Tell me what you want. I want to give it to you.”

“I want... I want...”

Chris shifted in Zach’s lap, pressing himself even closer, urging Zach to continue.

Zach let out a breathy gasp. “Inside--I want--will you let me inside you?”

“Oh, yes, fuck yes, you don’t even have to ask, Zachary.” Chris grinned as he remembered the second thing he wanted to talk to Zach about. Of his want to be completely filled by him. But this, now, was about Zach. He wanted more than anything to give Zach everything.

Zach kissed him then, sealing their mouths together, bringing them impossibly closer as if it were their very souls that melded. Zach groaned into his mouth.

Chris tugged on Zach’s hair and held on with his other hand as Zach stood up, lifting him up in the process, urging him to sit on the table.

Zach wasted no time to lift Chris’ shirt off. And stood back for a moment to gaze at him.

“Like what you see?” Chris whispered, feeling feverish under Zach’s heavy gaze.

Zach nodded in reply, and licked his lips.

It was all the response that Chris needed. He licked his own lips as he watched Zach take off his shirt to reveal smooth hardened muscles. He then made a move to unbutton his jeans but there was no way that Chris was going to let him get away with that. Chris took his hands and pulled him closer, into the v of his legs. “Let me.” He looked into Zach’s eyes as he drew a line down Zach’s chest and over his stomach. His finger then trailed the thin, teasing line of hair that led him to the hem of Zach’s jeans.

Zach gasped and looked like he was about to say something, but instead, he bent down to meet him in a kiss. He licked at his bottom lip before he drew away and smiled.

Chris returned the grin and then bit his lip as his gaze trailed downwards so that he could focus on the task at hand. He had seen Zach naked before, but being able to be the one undressing Zach made it seem as if he was about to see him for the very first time. He unbuttoned Zach’s pants and lowered the zip, revealing the hard pronounced outline of Zach’s cock, curled and straining in plain grey briefs. It was exquisitely hot and sexy as fuck. He glanced to look at Zach’s face and noticed that his eyes were closed. “Look at me, Zach.”

Zach’s stomach muscles visibly clenched as Chris slowly lowered his briefs and pants at the same time. His cock jerked free, obscenely, from its bed of coarse dark curls. Zach watched as Chris’ tongue darted out to lick at his lips.

Chris could feel Zach’s heated gaze upon him. His own gaze, unwavering from the sight of his attentions. Somehow, he just knew that this simple exchange was something important between them no matter how trivial it seemed. Chris felt his stomach tighten and his pulse quicken as he looked at the sight before him. Zach's cock was thick and long and Chris knew that once he became fully erect, the bell shaped tip would become a shade of dark pink. “Fuck, you’re so damn beautiful, Zach.” Chris took hold of his cock, and pulled on him from root to tip.

“Fuck,” Zach gasped.

Chris smiled as he twisted his hand, loving the feel of Zach hardening even more at his touch. Chris circled his thumb over the slit, drawing out a strangled moan. “Look at you, so beautiful and hard for me. You want to fuck me, Zach?”

Zach groaned and closed the distance between them and kissed him hard on the mouth.

And when he moved slightly back to take a proper breath, Chris pulled at Zach’s bottom lip with his teeth, and then worried it with his tongue as Zach spoke. “Want to fucking make love to you, Christopher.” And without warning, he hooked his hands under Chris and lifted him up.

Chris laughed as he wrapped his legs around Zach. He had a brief thought of how he could still walk, but he wasn’t about to say anything. Zach deposited him on the bed, tugging his pants off along the way. And wasted no time at helping Chris undress.

Chris moaned as Zach gripped him. He was already fully hard and his cock twitched as soon as Zach made contact. He swallowed air as Zach moved down and swiped his tongue over the tip. “You’re so wet for it, Chris. You’re leaking.” He rubbed circles over his thighs, moving his hand up and up until his finger brushed his perineum.

“Guh, Zach!”

Zach smiled and began messaging the skin there, drifting slowly until he met Chris’ crinkly entrance.

“Please.” Chris was surprised at how steady his voice sounded.

Zach moved and bent his head to lick at the tight muscled ring and his fingers and then slowly slid a wet digit in.

Chris screwed his eyes shut and tried to make himself relax. The truth was, it burned. Although, Zach had rimmed him before, probing him with his tongue and teasing him with his thumbs, Zach had never actually penetrated him. Chris had tried it a few times before when he was alone, but he never got the feel for it. Thinking that perhaps he was doing it wrong, he gave up trying.

“Breathe, Chris,” Zach whispered.

Chris opened his eyes to see that Zach was staring at him. And Chris let go of the breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Is it too much? You can tell me to stop. You know, if you want, I could bottom.”

Chris felt like he was going to burst. It took him a moment to concentrate on what Zach was telling him. In a funny, humorless way, he wanted to be the one to be taken by Zach. He wanted the burn. He craved the stretch. He welcomed the pain. And anticipated the moment when Zach would finally be with him, inside him. “No, don’t stop.”

Zach nodded once and began to pump his finger, sliding it further in.

Chris took a calming breath and wondered if he felt like this with only one finger how was it going to feel with Zach’s cock. And it was at this time that he felt a shock of pleasure run through him. “Ahh, fuck, what the hell?”

“Say hello to your prostate, Chris.” Zach grinned and brushed that spot again.

“Shit, shit.” Chris dropped his head back, and let out a relieved laugh. It was at that moment that Zach slid in another finger. Chris arched his back at the brilliant squeezing feeling of himself opening.

“You feel so good. Tight. Hot,” Zach murmured as he moved forward to kiss him, stroking the roof of his mouth with his tongue as he scissored his fingers just so.

“Ah, Zach, please. Please!” Chris felt like he was teetering on the edge of a skyscraper. “I want you inside me, now.”

Zach chuckled. “I am inside of you.”

Chris slapped at his shoulder. “You know what I mean, you tease.”

Zach took out his fingers and stroked the inside of his thigh.

Chris let out a strangled moan. He didn’t know if it was because Zach’s fingers had left his body or if it was because Zach found an erogenous zone he didn’t know he had. “Where you going?” Chris asked, alarmed when Zach moved off the bed.

“Getting lube and...” Zach grabbed his pants that were lying on the floor, searched his pockets and grinned when he pulled out a condom.

Chris, for some reason, felt his stomach flip-flop. He was all for safe sex and glad that Zach was being just as careful, but when he imagined being intimate with Zach, nothing, not even a condom separated them. He shook his thoughts away when he saw that Zach had gotten the lube from the drawer. It was a silly thought anyway, he told himself.

Zach was rolling on the condom now, and Chris lifted himself up onto his elbows to watch. Zach caught him looking. “Did you--Sorry, was I like supposed to ask for permission to touch my dick?” Zach grinned.

Chris rolled his eyes, recalling his words of being jealous of Zach’s own hands. “Way to ruin the moment, asshole.” Chris grinned. “Come here.”

Zach crawled over to Chris with a sinister look, settling himself between his legs. “Gonna help?” Zach asked as he handed Chris the lube.

Chris took it, squirted a liberal amount into his palm and warmed it before taking hold of Zach’s cock, preparing him.

“Hmmm,” Zach hummed as he joined Chris’ hand. He gathered some lube and pressed a finger inside Chris once more.

Chris pulled Zach over him, telling him with his eyes that he was ready. Zach settled between his open thighs and thrusted forwards so that their cocks slid deliciously together. Chris moaned at the contact, his head dropping back. “Zach, fuck.”

And then Chris could feel a sure hand move down his side, over his hip, caressing the swell of his ass and then move back to his stomach, stilling him for a moment before descending downwards again. His fingers trailed fire at every path they took. Chris kept his eyes open, meeting Zach’s dark, unwavering gaze as Zach circled his cock, pumping it slowly until he arched into his touch. And then Zach’s hand was moving again, fondling his balls and then lower still, brushing across his entrance.

Chris stroked Zach’s shoulders, liking the feel of smooth hard muscle shift under his fingertips. And then he felt the hard blunt tip of Zach’s cock right where he wanted him the most.

“Touch me, Chris.” The voice sounded almost broken.

And Chris didn’t need any further direction as he curved his fingers over the hard length of Zach.

Zach sucked in a harsh sounding breath as Chris awkwardly guided him inside.

Chris watched in fascination, Zach’s face as he gasped as if he were in pain. So caught up was he with Zach’s reaction that, for a moment, he hardly felt the too stretched burn of being opened. And then his hand shifted, allowing Zach to enter him deeper. Chis stilled, it was so much more intense than when it was just Zach’s fingers.

Zach then took hold of his hand, gripping it in his own, and moved it away from where they joined so that he held him to the bed as he hovered over him. Zach allowed him a second to breathe and then he kissed him chastely on the lips, he swiped his tongue across his bottom lip.

Chris writhed under Zach, needing to move, needing to adjust and then Zach thrust into him, and thrusting again until he was nearly seated inside. Chris momentarily felt like scrambling away, feeling far too stretched, too open. He felt too hot. It burned. It hurt. Zach had let go of his hand and he found himself digging his fingers into Zach’s shoulders.

Zach looked at him with a heavy gaze. “This okay? Feels so good, Chris. So good.” He bent his head, kissing him languidly. “Not sure how long gonna last.”

Chris pulled Zach’s tongue into his mouth, sucking it, stroking it. Zach let out a surprised sound, a low groan. Chris felt the vibrations run through him as they kissed, soothing him. And the burning sensation faded into a feeling of fullness, a heavy pressure that worked its way from the inside out. He shifted, and it drew Zach even further inside. Chris moaned at the incredible feeling of being filled so completely.

Zach started to move, shallow thrusts, a steady rhythm. Zach let his head fall into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. The slight change in position angled him just so and he suddenly felt a shock burst through him. “Fuck, yes, Zach, please, Zach.” He felt Zach groan, the vibrations rumbling against his chest. Zach’s thrusts became more pronounced, more faster. Again and again. That spot. Chris felt like a tight bow, his body arched, meeting Zach thrust for thrust. His toes curled into the mattress, trying to find purchase. His own cock felt incredibly heavy, trapped between their bodies in liquid fire.

Chris bit and licked, sucked and kissed every expanse of salty sweet skin that he could reach. He felt the hard press of Zach’s abdomen and heard the distinctive slap of skin against skin. The gasps of breath, the groans and moans. Chris got lost in it all. And then he felt himself tighten even more. He felt Zach shuddering, groaning and he wasn’t sure if it was his imagination that he felt a sudden jerk inside of him because he, himself, was falling, following Zach in his cries. It was ecstasy.

Zach fell atop him, his breath ragged and Chris wrapped his arms around him, urging Zach to let him take his full weight. Chris sighed and buried his hand in Zach’s hair. “Stay, okay.”

Zach chuckled then. “Don’t think I could bring myself to move.”

Chris smiled at the feel of Zach still hard inside of him, and experimentally he squeezed his insides. He was rewarded with a surprised gasp, and Zach rolled them both over.

Zach playfully slapped his ass and smiled. He tugged on his ear to bring him closer for a kiss. Some minutes passed before he shifted them both again and much to Chris’ chagrin, Zach slipped out.

Chris winced at the loss, a sudden emptiness inside. He watched as Zach tied off the condom and disposed of it in the trash under the bedside table. He grabbed a tissue and wiped at their stomachs.

“Can’t you have just stayed inside forever?” Chris heard himself asking.

Zach smiled and brushed a finger to his cheek. “If you still feel that way in the morning, ask me again. ‘Cause I’d hate for you to hate me for doing as you say.”

Chris couldn’t be bothered to dwell on Zach’s words so he rubbed his cheek on Zach’s shoulder and promptly fell asleep.


In the morning, Chris woke up wrapped in Zach’s warm embrace. He loved the feel of Zach aligned to his back. He could almost imagine the exact shape of the hair that covered Zach’s chest. He wriggled back wanting to feel more of it against his skin. And that’s when he realized that Zach wasn’t as naked as he was. He opened his eyes and looked at his arm. Zach was wearing a green shirt. Oh, shit, it couldn’t be. Chris abruptly turned in Zach’s arms.

Zach stirred in his sleep. “‘Nother ten minutes.”

Chris rolled Zach onto his back and looked at the other man. He was wearing the shirt that he stole--accidentally borrowed. He had told himself that he really was going to return it, he just hadn’t the time to do it yet. Chris buried his face on Zach’s shoulder, wondering what Zach must have thought when he had found the shirt.

“G’morning, sunshine. How you feeling?”

Chris groaned. Upon being questioned, he belatedly realized a definite pang. “I feel like a sore asshole.”

“My boyfriend, eloquent as always.”

Chris lifted his head up to see Zach’s smiling face. “You’re not like mad that I had your shirt umm... stuffed in my pillow?” Chris thought his cheeks were going to melt off his face.

Zach chuckled, his hands roaming the expanse of his back and then rested them on the curve of his ass. “Not mad, uncomfortable at first when I tried sleeping on your odd shaped pillow. Then I was confused for a moment when I found out why it was so odd shaped--I was wondering where my shirt went. I saw him again. I guess you know who I’m referring to as you saw...” Zach trailed off and then continued at Chris’ confirming nod. “That was the funny thing I was going to tell you about when I got here. I ran into him and I asked him about my shirt and he told me that he had no clue and he looked completely sincere. And that’s when I remembered that you had been at my house that day to drop off my suit. I was meaning to ask you about it, but now I guess I have my answer.”

Zach was stroking his backside, squeezing, massaging, doing wonderful things that made it difficult for Chris to form words. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Zach said as he brought up a finger to touch Chris’s pouting lip. “I wonder... would you tell me what you did with it.” A smile played at the corner of Zach’s lip.

Chris took Zach’s finger into his mouth, and sucked lightly at it. “Maybe.”

Zach gasped. “Would you... would you tell me what you were thinking about when you held it?”

Chris smiled then, letting go of Zach’s finger with a wet smack. He took hold of Zach’s hand and shifted so that he could guide Zach to that sore place that ached for more. “Guess.”



A/N: I think this is the smuttiest thing I have ever written. Not sure if it works. I hope it doesn't fall flat. I am feeling extremely awkward right now. XD If you got to the end, thank you for reading! <3
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