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Title: Fastest Runner, Highest Jumper
Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17 (towards the end)
Warnings: Mentions of rape. Unbeta'd. Written on a bad day.
Summary: Don't hate.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone. The plot came out of my head. This is not real.
A/N: 1) Title comes from something Ryan once said. 2) Ryan and Jon's tweets are real. The replies are NOT real. There are similar tweets out there that I'm sure Ryan and Jon (and all the rest) are NOT oblivious to. If my NOT real replies are in fact, real, it is a coincidence. I worked the replies into the fic to make a point for the storyline, you gets? And I feel I must say that I do not mean any harm or wish to express hate. 3) Story was born from this comment.

Part 10

Ryan cleared his throat and glanced at Spencer, who was sitting across from him. Ryan considered his friend, he knew why they were here. This was Spencer's way of reminding him that he was there for him, literally. He knew that Spencer didn't expect anything out of him. He knew that if he didn't say anything at all, Spencer wouldn't take any offense to it. He also knew that if he poured his heart out, Spencer would be right by his side. Spencer would never leave him. He believed in Spencer more than anyone, even more than himself.

They were eating at a sandwich place and sitting in one of the six tables. Two of the tables were already occupied when they arrived. They sat at the farthest table from the entrance/exit.

Spencer wiped his mouth with a napkin after he finished his sandwich.

"Your beard is starting to suit you." Ryan smiled at Spencer's raised eyebrow.

"Starting? You're just jealous 'cause you can't grow one."

"Can too!" Ryan said, indignantly. He then shrugged as he took a bite out of his second sandwich. "Just don't want one."

"You never looked good with your 5 o'clock shadow, anyway."

"Neither do you. You can only pull it off if it's a full on beard."

Spencer rolled his eyes. "We can't all be like Jon."

Ryan smiled. "Now there's a man who can pull off any o'clocks."

"That fucker." Spencer laughed.

Ryan took another bite of his sandwich and Spencer picked up his second. They sat in companionable silence as they finished.

"Wanna third?" Spencer asked as he sat back in his seat.

Ryan shook his head and then met Spencer's gaze. "I hit him."

Spencer leaned over the table. "Who? Jon?"

Ryan nodded before he dropped his gaze. "Come on, let's get out of here. I think one of the girls who entered recognized one of us."

Spencer turned so that the other side of the restaurant was in his peripheral and saw the two girls. They were probably in their early teens. They were giggling and looking towards them. Not feeling like socializing with strangers at the moment, he stood up. Ryan followed suit.

Once outside, Ryan took in a breath of fresh air.

Spencer stood by his side as he looked across the street where they parked the car. The sun seemed much too bright. "Come on, let's get out of here." He crossed the street and heard Ryan trailing just behind him.

Once safely inside the car, Spencer cleared his throat. "Did he... he didn't hurt you, did he?" Spencer asked softly, but it still sounded much too loud in his own head.

Ryan shook his head. "God no."

The answer seemed to appease Spencer, for the moment, as he tore his gaze away from Ryan's and pulled out onto the road. They didn't discuss where they were heading. But Ryan didn't care. He was thankful for the silence. He looked out the window, mindlessly watching but not actually seeing the cars, buildings and people they passed. A quiet filled seventeen minutes took them to an open area of dirt, weeds and the odd rock.

"Looks like Death Valley," Ryan said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, it kinda does."

Spencer parked and they both wordlessly got out of the car.

Ryan sat on the hood and waited for Spencer to sit next to him. "I... I didn't mean it, you know. I didn't think it was him at the time I hit him."

Spencer didn't need to hear an explanation. He knew that whatever happened, Ryan wouldn't hit Jon or anybody else for that matter without reason. He waited to listen to whatever Ryan had to say, if he was going to say anything more.

Ryan sighed and crossed his arms across his chest. "I'm so messed up, Spence."

"You were dreaming."

Ryan looked at Spencer, noting that the statement wasn't a question. He nodded to confirm it. Spencer knew him well.

"When did the dreams start again?"

"Since I got robbed." Ryan gestured to his face where a cut was still healing and where a bruise lingered. Before Spencer could ask, Ryan hurried to continue. "I wasn't robbed. I was... I was... you know... attacked. I was... " Ryan made an obscure hand movement over his body before he let his hand drop, unable to voice the word. He thought of what Jon had said when they were in the bathroom. He winced at the memory. "My wallet was left intact, but my... my... umm pants -- Spencer, I couldn't stop them."

Spencer looked at his friend, who was set on staring at the ground. Spencer stood up when it hit him. He was raped. Ryan was raped. "Fuck, fuck! Did you call the cops?"

Ryan shook his head, met Spencer's angry gaze and pleaded with his own eyes for him to calm down. He knew that Spencer wasn't angry at him. But he needed Spencer to be his rock.

Spencer made a sound that almost sounded like a growl. "Are you..." He paced the front of the car. A minute passed before he sat next to Ryan again. Another minute passed by in silence. "Let me take you to the hospital," Spencer said quietly, knowing Ryan wouldn't have gone to the doctor yet.

Ryan breathed in again at the sound of Spencer's voice. It was something Spencer had asked before, a lifetime ago, a part of the past that he buried along with his father. He met Spencer's unwavering gaze. His own eyes stung and his vision blurred before Spencer pulled him into a hug.

"I'm here, Ry. Everything is gonna be okay."


imstillryanross My plans for the day: I'm gonna feed you, rip off those jeans, and take you to the hospital

@imstillryanross can i ripppp off ur jeans???????????



A/N: (1) finally, ryan told someone (other than jon)! now we're moving. lol (2) sorry it took so long to post. (3) why was the "big" reveal so small? well, this ryan doesn't like to talk about himself. it's his least favorite subject. no, really. really. and spencer, well, he's just such an awesome friend that he's there for his bff no matter what. he does not need to know everything to know everything about ryan. (4) now, what lies ahead for our lovely, tragical boy? sad times? happy times? sexy times? (5) regarding the tweet, i took the "feed you" and "take you" as his own body. lol js XD
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