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ETA: OOPS! I thought I already had this posted. I had it written like two weeks ago in Word, but I forgot... Sorry!

Title: Fastest Runner, Highest Jumper
Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17 (towards the end)
Warnings: Mentions of rape. Unbeta'd. Written on a bad day.
Summary: Don't hate.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone. The plot came out of my head. This is not real.
A/N: 1) Title comes from something Ryan once said. 2) Ryan and Jon's tweets are real. The replies are NOT real. There are similar tweets out there that I'm sure Ryan and Jon (and all the rest) are NOT oblivious to. If my NOT real replies are in fact, real, it is a coincidence. I worked the replies into the fic to make a point for the storyline, you gets? And I feel I must say that I do not mean any harm or wish to express hate. 3) Story was born from this comment.

Part 7

"So, what do you think happened?" Brendon tried to sound casual, but failed.

Spencer turned to look at Brendon, who was standing in the direction of the sunlight. He raised a hand to try and shield away the sun and squinted to make out Brendon's profile. "Ryan wouldn't lie. He got robbed." Spencer noticed that Brendon's frame straightened and he had turned to face him from his spot near the pool. Brendon was expecting more from him. "Look, if it will make you feel any better, I also think that Ryan didn't tell us the whole story."

Brendon nodded slowly.

Spencer didn't know what else to say to comfort his friend. He leaned back into the hammock. He knew Brendon expected him to say that he'll ask Ryan about it and that everything would be okay. But what Brendon didn't understand, even now, was that that wasn't how things worked between him and Ryan.

Putting Ryan on the spot will get you a first class seat in a top notch vehicle that's heading directly into a wall.

Spencer knew that Ryan would eventually talk. It just had to be on his own time, when he was ready. If you wanted Ryan to open up, you just had to be there for him. He thought about telling Brendon this but he already had, multiple times. And it's not like he ever listens.

If Ryan had an opposite, Brendon would be it. Brendon doesn't hold his emotions back. Spencer wondered why Brendon hasn't already bombarded Ryan with questions of what exactly happened--not that Ryan would answer him, not completely anyway.

Spencer almost laughed at the image that thought conjured. It had happened several times before. Brendon would follow Ryan around with endless questions while Ryan would give short, clipped answers or a sarcastic remark in return. Brendon would insist and persist again until Ryan would blow up and shut him out. And Brendon would be left wondering what went wrong.

Eventually, they would make up. Naturally. However, Spencer never knew just how much Ryan would tell Brendon after the make up. Would he answer the questions that Brendon sought? In any case, that was just how it worked between them.

Spencer glanced at Brendon, who was staring into the pool as if it contained all the answers to the questions burning in his mind. The strain of holding back his tongue earlier was obvious. His body language screamed it.

"Did you see how Ryan looked at Jon when I asked him about his face?" Brendon asked quietly.

Spencer nodded. He knew now why Brendon had held back. It must be tearing him apart, Spencer thought. And then a second realization came to mind. "Wait, are you thinking that Jon--"

"No!" Brendon's voice cracked. And he was instantly at Spencer's side, hoovering over him. "I mean, that would be crazy!" Brendon said in a harsh whisper. "I mean, you don't think that, do you?"

"Of course not." Spencer got out of the hammock. He wondered how they had gotten to this point. How they even begun to ask each other if their bestfriend could be capable of harming another. This was them, that thought shouldn't have even entered their minds. Spencer didn't think that Jon would do such a thing, however, he did question if Brendon thought it. So, would that mean that he subconsciously thought it too?

"Fuck, what happened to us?" Brendon asked as he plopped himself into a chair.

"Well, that's a loaded question," Ryan said as he stepped out to join them in his backyard. He put down the towels he was holding onto a nearby table.

Jon came out a second later holding sunscreen. "Heard we're gonna have a nice hot day in Cali today." Jon smiled.

Ryan sat in one of the pool chairs and directed a look towards Spencer. "What's going on?"

Spencer shrugged. "Nothing."

Ryan rolled his eyes. "So, Spence, looks like you're already swimming in Jon's shorts. Maybe mine would be a better fit?"

Spencer laughed easily at the thought, thankful for the change in topic. "Sorry, my friend, but I wouldn't ever want to even try to fit into your shorts."

"I could fit into Ryan's shorts!" Brendon volunteered a little too enthusiastically.

Spencer would have been surprised by Brendon's quick change in demeanor but this is Brendon. Spencer turned his attention back to Ryan, who was laughing.

"That's nothing new," Jon said playfully as he passed Spencer the sunscreen.

Spencer squirted the product into his hand, "You already got some?"

Jon dipped a finger into Spencer's hand and then dabbed some sunscreen onto his nose. "I think I'm gonna pass on the swimming today."

"Me too," Ryan echoed.

Spencer squinted into the sunlight. "What gives? It's a hot winter day, how could you pass that up?"

Ryan had shrugged. His attention on Brendon, who had skipped the sunscreen and went directly into the pool, canon ball style.

A beeping noise sounded off somewhere inside the house. "Taquitos are done," Jon announced excitedly as he headed for the sliding doors.

Déjà vu, Spencer thought.

Things haven't changed that much.

Or so he thought?


@SpencerSmith how come you don't tweet more???!!!!



A/N: Right, so, I think, I think this is the FIRST time ever I wrote "Spencer." I think he is the most complex person out of all them which is why I always shy away from writing in his perspective. It could be because he's so quiet. But I think when he is comfortable with the people around him he is quite outspoken and talkative. I don't know. It is such a treat when we see those rare times when he just lets go in front of the camera and we see his personality more. He is very awesome indeed. Wow, I wrote a lot there. Anyway, for the next part I have Brendon in mind, or I might put it off. I think the last time I centered on him was when I was writing a Ryden fic XD

Date: 2010-12-17 12:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
im making my way through these, i just wanted to say i really liked your spencer voice (im surprised its your first time!) and i love love the comparison between ryan and brendon and how they are opposites <3

Date: 2010-12-17 07:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
omg i'm so glad that you liked my spencer voice haha, i was so scared that i didn't capture him right. i love spencer, i really do, but was never ever able to get myself to just write him (in his perspective at least).

ryan and brendon are just just so complementary to each other haha, i love that about them. glad you liked :D


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