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Title: Fastest Runner, Highest Jumper
Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Rating: NC-17 (towards the end)
Warnings: Mentions of rape. Unbeta'd. Written on a bad day.
Summary: Don't hate.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone. The plot came out of my head. This is not real.
A/N: 1) Title comes from something Ryan once said. 2) Ryan and Jon's tweets are real. The replies are NOT real. There are similar tweets out there that I'm sure Ryan and Jon (and all the rest) are NOT oblivious to. If my NOT real replies are in fact, real, it is a coincidence. I worked the replies into the fic to make a point for the storyline, you gets? And I feel I must say that I do not mean any harm or wish to express hate. 3) Story was born from this comment.

Part 4

It was nothing. Nothing to worry over. You're still here.

Ryan looked into the mirror. "You hear that?" Ryan nodded at his reflection. He grabbed a face towel and threw it over his shoulders and went out to join Jon for breakfast.


"Hey." Ryan smiled at his boyfriend.

"What you wanna do today?" Jon asked as he poured Ryan a cup of coffee.

"Wanna go out for lunch?"

Jon nodded. "Yeah, sounds good." It was the first time Ryan suggested they do something outside the house since what Ryan called 'the incident'. Jon internally sighed with relief. He had been waiting patiently, wondering whether Ryan would like to talk or do something about it. Though, Ryan had made it clear that first night that he didn't want to risk going to the cops, thinking it'll just make matters worst.

In any case, it seemed Ryan had moved on from the zombie look he had been sporting the last three days and is now starting to look and act more like himself.

Jon watched as Ryan moved around the kitchen, opening and closing the refrigerator, the cabinets and the pantry. He always did this before breakfast, trying to figure out what he's in the mood for. Jon smiled at the routine, the falling back to how things used to be.

Ryan reached up for something on the top shelf of the pantry.

Jon smiled as he watched Ryan's shirt ride up. He never got tired of Ryan watching. Never was he not beautiful. The shirt rode up another inch as Ryan stood on his tiptoes, revealing a sliver of skin, enough skin for Jon to note a finger shaped bruise just above Ryan's hip. Jon's smile faded as he closed his eyes, seeing images of four other finger marks he knew also lingered just above Ryan's hip bone. Marks that came from someone who he didn't know, someone who was still out there.

When Ryan finally got what he was looking for he would of made a shout of victory, but the sight of Jon standing in the middle of the kitchen stopped him. Jon's eyes were closed, his brow was furrowed, one hand was clenched at his side and the other was white knuckled around a mug of coffee. "You okay?" Ryan asked softly as he walked toward Jon, pop-tart box in hand.

"What?" Jon shook his head as he opened his eyes. He bit his lip and tried to smile casually at his boyfriend, as if he didn't see marks that weren't supposed to be there. He handed Ryan the cup of coffee and held his hand in place just a second longer than necessary so his fingers brushed against Ryan's palm. Their eyes met briefly before Ryan turned to sit at the table.

Jon followed suit.

"I'm sorry." Ryan mumbled.

"What for?"

"I haven't been the best boyfriend in the world."

"When have you ever been the best boyfriend in the world?" Jon joked, but offered Ryan a reassuring smile.

"Thanks, you always know just what to say," Ryan said, softly, and returned the smile as he took a sip of coffee. Ryan tried to think of why he apologized in the first place. The words came out before he realized what he was saying. Ryan glanced at Jon's right hand. His knuckles were red, and the skin still torn and angry looking after Jon decided to punch a hole in the wall the other day. Jon covered the hole with a picture of them when they had gone to Africa. But he couldn't cover up the memory of what happened just moments before the wall bashing. Ryan shook his head and took another sip of coffee.

Jon cleared his throat.

And Ryan wondered whether they were thinking of the same thing.

"Hey," Jon said as he brought a finger under Ryan's chin, and tilted his face up. "I love you, Ry."

"I... I love you too."

Jon smiled, and was about to lean in for a kiss when Ryan's cell went off.

"What the hell? Who calls this early?" Ryan mumbled as he stood to search for his phone. "It's Spence--did you tell him?" Ryan asked tonelessly, as if he didn't care for the answer.

"What? No," Jon replied, honestly. Jon wondered, though, if Spencer found out. They weren't sure whether anyone else had seen Ryan in the alley that day. They weren't entirely sure if anything was leaked, or was going to be leaked.

Jon watched Ryan answer the phone, his face unreadable. It sounded like they were going through the usual catch up conversation without really catching up.

When Ryan ended the call he looked at Jon. "They're here." Ryan shrugged his shoulders and finished his pop tart.

"Are you gonna tell 'em?" Jon asked, hoping Ryan would. Or, it would be one more thing that would set Spencer and Brendon apart from them. But it was up to Ryan. It was his business to tell or not tell.

"I don't need them to make a big deal out of it," Ryan said as he started his second pop-tart.

And that was that. Ryan made his decision.

"When's the arrival?"

"About an hour or two," Ryan said as he stood up and stretched. "Gonna go back to bed, wanna join?"

Jon nodded and smiled when their eyes met.


iamstillryanross I haven't been up this early since the last time I was up this early

@iamstillryanross then don't get up, it's not like you were doing anything great



A/N: ugh, i wish this fic would write itself lol i know what i want to do with it, but i'm getting rather lazy about it haha

Date: 2010-10-24 01:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This was a happy little surprise to see on my flist! I'm glad you're still writing it! ♥

Date: 2010-10-24 01:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
haha Yep, still writing I'm afraid. lol And I'm glad you're still reading it XD I'll try to get the next part posted soon :)

Date: 2010-10-24 02:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i wish this fic would write itself
don't we all!

and i second my frand above me, i'm really happy you updated this :D
it's always a good thing to see jon/ryan on my flist.

and jon walker continues to be the best and most adorable boyfriend ♥

Date: 2010-10-24 03:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
never hurts to wish lol

haha yeah, there really needs to be more jon/ryan :D loads and loads.

he is, isn't he? jon walker is totally awesome like that :D


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